Why Should Authors Blog?

Blogging is a quick way to generate excitement, stir up controversy, and get people talking about a variety of topics in a short space of time. Why should you as an author blog?

Simple answer: To create a ready made audience for your book.

Complex answer: To create a ready made audience for your next book.

 Wait a minute! That is the same answer! Yes, but if we peel it apart there are many layers that could be examined.

Blogging creates excitement and gets people interested in what you have to say. As you the author begin to generate the excitement and stir the waters you begin to be recognized as a possible authority in the field you write about both in your blog and in your book. A made to order audience begins to develop for your book.

The more complex answer is that as an author we truly never know what the fickle audience wants at any given time. We can make educated guesses based on studies, surveys, etc. The world of information has become so fluid with the accessibility of the web that we as authors would be foolish not to use it as a medium for testing the waters. 

What if you as an author began to blog about the different chapters of your next book? Could you get immediate feedback for content development? You bet you can! Fiction or non-fiction, you get to create and collaborate with the very people who will be in your book audience.

Put blogging on your author “to do” list. Schedule it. Perhaps it can be your warm-up activity for your daily writing sessions. Begin with a short personal paragraph or two and build out from there. You will find your voice just like you will find an audience.

Now get out there and start blogging!


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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7 Responses to Why Should Authors Blog?

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  2. Blogging is only as effective as the blogger. Be consistent and provide great content and you will see the benefits.

  3. You’re right that blogging is only as effective as the blogger. Consistency is very important. Also don’t neglect your book writing like the OP said, use it as a warm up to your normal writing routine. I have seen authors get distracted with blogging & social media to the point of neglecting their work.

    But there is no doubt that blogging helps promote your website and your books.

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