Size (and Content) Does Matter…in a Blog

Blogging is a great way for authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers to generate an audience for your books/products/services.  People love blogs that present the writer’s personal perspective on a lesson  or experience.  Now that is not to infer that the article entry should be a boring rendition of how you baited a hook and caught a trophy fish last summer. That would make people run shrieking for cover.

Content – Authors and speakers who blog want to populate their blog with information and resources  that their readers will find helpful, beneficial, or interesting. Content in your blog should be stories about what you have experienced in a particular situation that resulted in decisions and actions. What did you do? How did you either get out of the pickle you were in or how did you improve your approach?

Size – How much do you say? How long should you make each paragraph? The general rule of thumb is to write for the short attention span of the modern reader. We are inundated with material to read and process each and every day. Keep it short and sweet. Ask a question, tell a brief and pointed story, and then provide an answer or pertinent point for the reader.  Less is more. If readers want to know more let them comment or go to your website and hire you!

Now get out there and practice! Find what works for you and your audience. Carve out your niche and start building your audience.


About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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