Writing for Dollars – Can you really make a living at this?

Is there a writer buried deep inside you? Do you want to add the words author and freelance writer after your name? Many authors say they would quit their day job if they could, “make a living at this.” If you  are not independently wealthy or have a spouse who is willing to support you financially and emotionally you will still have to support yourself while you write that book. There is also the whole finding an agent and getting your work out to publishers phase of the process. An author alone in the world living by their craft has to be clever or at least market savvy.

Many authors supplement their paltry royalty checks by freelancing. You can be a writer and make money. It is possible! Don’t get caught up in the negative hype of making a living freelancing. There is heavy competition…in some fields. It can be difficult getting the next assignment…in some cases. The pay is low…at times. If you are willing to be creative and learn a few effective marketing and business practices you can earn a living writing.

Who uses freelance writers and authors?

  • Corporations and Businesses – newsletters, reports, press releases, business plans, articles for in-house and peer reviewed journals.
  • Technical Industries – compliance directions, field guides, handbooks, technical guides, etc.
  • Health Care Industries – research reports on treatments, medical coverage, and other related issues. Newsletter and peer reviewed journal articles.
  • Popular Magazines
  • Individuals – resumes, book proposals, ghost writing, content editing
  • Self Publishing – create your own newsletters that lead to book sales

All you need to be successful is to have some writing talent, persistence and a little self-direction. As a writer you already know that you have to take criticism of your work with grace and you are certainly aware of how to meet deadlines. Now you just have to perfect working well with others and good listening skills.

Get out there and launch that new business. You can write from home and not only be well heard but well paid!


About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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