Book Promotion – Begin to Market Your Writing

You wrote a book. You published it yourself and it is truly a solid read. How do you take that book and make a full time living? Marketing. Does hearing that  word send you running for the woods shaking with the willies?

Don’t run away! Marketing does not have to be an ugly adventure into the world of hard sales and cheesy promises. 

  • A good marketer is really a good listener who works to foster discussion and waits for feedback.
  • A good marketer knows that it is not about what the marketer thinks he has that is good for the audience.
  • The astute marketer recognizes that it is what the audience wants that is important.

An author can take those same marketing principles of successful businesses and apply them to their own product…their book.  Who was the audience you had in mind when you wrote your book? What benefits are they looking to get from your book? What do they want and need?

You can’t be all things to all people. The first step in making your book successful is to know your audience and speak directly to their needs.

Once you have identified those specific needs you have to create a clear message on what your book does. You can’t begin to develop any sales copy until you have refined and articulated that message in such a way that it is absolutely clear in your own mind.

Readers are just like customers. They want to know how your book can specifically speak to their need. They want to know a little about you personally so they can trust you and your values. Readers want to make an emotional connection to your book. If they don’t they won’t buy it.

Do you have a clear message about your book that makes an emotional connection to your audience?


About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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