What Not to Do With Keywords

Keyword rich articles, web pages, and blogs are critical if you want to keep SEO spiders fed. Keywords are what anchor searches to your entries on the web. They are also want vendors who are looking for ad space want to hook their ads to as well.

There are people who try to beat the system and who only manage to kill their own writing efforts. There is an old saying, “Winners never cheat and Cheaters never win.” This adage holds true in the use of keywords and their misuse by some nefarious bloggers and website owners.  But the people who own those SEO spiders are pretty smart and they know what is really happening. Pretty soon the cheaters’ plans back fire on them and they either get shut down or get nasty threats from the legal department of someone’s business.

So what are they doing that is raunchy and ill mannered abuse of key words?

  • Irrelevant Key words – Using words irrelevant to page content to generate traffic.  For example, let’s say my blog site is all about dog food and dog food brand comparisons. But I know that the most popular blog topic of the week is “how to blog”. How to blog and dog food have NOTHING to do with each other. If I have loose blogging morals I might try and stuff “how to blog” in my dog food conversation to drive more traffic to my site.
  • Key Word Stuffing– Repeating the same word over and over and over in a web page or blog entry. Some even go so far as to repeat the same keyword rich paragraph verbatim on the page. There is actually a tool called the “key word density cloud” to test if your page has keyword density overkill.
  • Splogging– Prolific plagiarists who steal your blog content or your article content and post it as their own are dirty rotten sploggers. While mimicry is often called the highest form of flattery…stealing is stealing! All they want is your article and the web traffic that goes with it.

Finding the right amount of keywords for your site is similar to dieting, you have to find the right balance that works for you.  To keep you spiders happy and healthy, use keywords in moderation and drive your site responsibly!

About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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