Writing Articles – How to Write To Promote Your Book

Many authors think, I have written the book, the publisher will make sure I get good marketing. If my books don’t sell they don’t make any money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Publishers spend as little money promoting you and your book as possible. Their business thrives on selling the book but only so far…

What? Did you hear that right? Yes, publishers are looking for the next J. K. Rowling or Stephen King. They give your book only so much of a push out into the world but if it does not catch on quickly (and that is measured in days and not months) it goes to the sale bin to make room for others.

An astute author will take it upon him or her self to market their work and their name long before their latest book is even off the bindery press. The web has created a cheap (as in free) forum to create hype for your book before it is even on the shelves at your local book store.  Authors are busily participating in social networks and forums. Others are out their blogging about their book or their next speaking engagement. A growing number are out their writing articles and posting them with article directories.

Article directories are a rich environment for testing new material and having you voice heard. Some article directories are more appropriate for your material then others so it behooves a savvy writer to shop around for a good fit.

Why consider on line article submissions instead of traditional print media? Traditional print media often has a lengthy process for submissions that requires an author to establish their credentials, pitch their idea, and then wait for the editor’s approval. Often this requires significant edits and rewrites to fit the publication’s need for a specific issue. The article is then printed (once) and once read becomes the temporary floorcovering for the reader’s pet bird Polly.

Articles with ezines have a shorter submission process, the terms for submission and content restrictions are generally clearly represented in written form and accessible 24/7.  The review process is relatively quick and the posting is up for long periods of time. They are then catalogued with SEO’s and become a permanent part of the web.

The best part about posting an article in the ezine directories on line is that you by-line can be quite lengthy. Most limit you to 250-300 words in your “about you” or “take” box. That is long enough to get in your name, some of your recent published works, your website, your blog site, a brief bio, and even a plug for your next book.

Hurry! You can’t afford not to get out there and write and be heard! This is one author marketing tool that is so easy and so economical. Write articles so you can promote your book for free. Cheap is good…free is better!


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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