Book Cover Design For Non-Fiction Books

Front Cover – Go out and explore your local book store. Look at book covers that draw you to them. Why are they so effective? Where is the title on the book? Is it centered or off-set? Are the letters raised or outline in a contrasting color? How does the lettering of the title impact the image on the cover? Does the title stand out or does it get lost? Will it photograph well in marketing materials?
* Make sure the image you select for your book best represents your content.
* Select a font for the title and author name that have slight variations.
* Use at least four colors for the cover, six if you can. Play with the effects of outlining, shadowing, and other design elements.
* Raised lettering adds a touch of class and style to the book cover design.
Spine – Center your title on the spine. You don’t want it falling off on the back of front cover. Check the spelling carefully. This is the first thing the person in the store or a library usually notices about a book.
Back Cover – Proof read, proof read, and proof read! Use Arial for the headings and Times Roman for the content. This makes the content easier to read. If you wish to include your photo, this is the ONLY place to include. Unless you are famous, never put your mug on the cover. 
* Include your URL on the back cover.
* Include 1-2 features of your book followed by 3-5 benefits for each feature in bullet statements.
* Short testimonials or endorsements are a must to have on the back cover.
Following these simple guidelines will help you design a cover that you can not only be proud of but that will help sell your books.


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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One Response to Book Cover Design For Non-Fiction Books

  1. nks says:


    This message is for you if you are a Book Cover Designer. I am about to start a blog site where you can submit your designs. other designers will see your work and review it on site. This will give you an opportunity to explore new ideas in designing.

    To submit your cover design, please email it at in .Jpg format. I will let you know the blog site address as soon as it start functioning. You will also get email if your design get approved to be displayed on site.

    Thank you.

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