How to Get A Book Review

Getting a book reviewed is easy once you have the hard copy in hand from the printer. While they do cost you money to send out, the return on investment can be invaluable. Peter Bowerman of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher sends out copies of his book for review daily. It is not uncommon for him to send out 3-5 review copies a day!

Spreading the word increases sales, stimulates conversation, and gets the word out about your book. The book marketing that results from a book review is invaluable! How do you find reviewers? Patience and persistence is needed. Start local and branch out from there. Many traditional avenues for book reviews (newspapers and magazines) are drying up so you may need to be a little creative in your approach to creating a list of potential reviewers.

To develop your list of potential reviewers consider:

  • Relevance
  • Home town angle
  • Special interest magazines
  • Online sources
    • Blog reviews
    • Ezine and newsletter authors
    • Author Forums
    • Editors  (avoid those who charge a reading fee)
    • Social Networks for authors
    • Librarians and teachers
    • Writer’s Market (there are reviewers listed)

Create Mailing labels for every reviewer and then stamp the books with a rubber stamp (cheaply made at the local print shop): Review Copy – Not for Re-Sale. Then make sure you include a little professional “cheat sheet” that is similar to a press release. It should contain a quick reference for the reviewer of:

  • Author’s Name
  • Book Title
  • Publisher
  • Date of Publication
  • ISBN
  • Number of pages
  • Price
  • Your email address and URL
  • A brief description of the book…a short paragraph of no more than 5 sentences is preferred.

Now sit back and wait. This can take as long as 6 months…sometimes longer. Do NOT follow up with a phone call or email or snail mail letter checking on the status of the review. Do follow up with a snail mail one page cover letter, brief bio with your professional photo, and any relevant clippings to provide additional information for the reviewer. Refrain from asking about the review even in this letter. Focus your efforts on looking for more reviewers.

Don’t forget that customers can be not only your biggest fan but great reviewers as well. Ask them to post their impressions on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and any other sites that host your sales.

Keep copies of your reviews and use quotes from them to continue promoting your book. File a copy in your press kit and post them on you website in separate page. Marketing your book is not as hard as you might think. With a little creativity, you will get your book in the right hands for some really good reviews.


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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