Writing Winning Headlines for Your Book’s Sales Landing Page

If you are trying to sell your book from your website, how do you drive customers to the site? If you are using the Internet to market your book you have to be headline and keyword savvy.

Before writing a headline for your page you need to be clear on three things:

  • Who are you aiming to attract to the page (who is your target audience)
  • What 2-3 features are most important about your book
  • Why your audience will benefit from reading your book

If you are perfectly clear on these three things you will easily design appealing attention getting headlines for your audience.  You don’t have to be cutesy and overly creative…you just want to sell to your customers. So put yourself in you customer’s shoes and see what will not only get their attention bu deliver a complete message that draws the reader into your site and compels them to sick around and buy your book.

Your book, whether self-published or published by more traditional methods needs lots of attention in order to generate sales. Effective author promotion requires good use of the author marketing tools that exist on the web. What better way to self-promote your work then in a positive, cost effective way on your author owned website.


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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2 Responses to Writing Winning Headlines for Your Book’s Sales Landing Page

  1. Good points well and briefly made.

    I wonder if you would have liked to continue after that final line – by adding something about the use of blogs and other Internet 2.0 marketing engines?

    There are fascinating and revealing web sites, that it true, but writers who have already published and sold have enough $$$ to afford help in the form of a Virtual Assistant or a real-time secretary, who can help feed those voracious You Tubes and the rest of them.

    Most writers have little time and face big gaps between royalty checks from a publisher (no cashflow)… other savvy ones throw up dust by having someone run a blog for them; one with heaps of links and daily updates.

    One writer who has “made it” and who crossed my path internet-wise this last year is David Baldacci. He runs a busy blog and keeps his readers updated on his doings, especially during book tours (and he has many each year). He also releases chunks of his upcoming book releases, a chapter at a time, as the launch date approaches. The media seem to chace him up up on. I guess they in turn, earn brownie points from their readers by this jumping the gun on content with 200 word excerpts. Doesn’t hurt Baldacci at the cash register one bit: to give something away. He also publicises his favourite charity and that boosts his “boy next door” and “mothers favourite son” image.

  2. Great points all! I have written on similar topics in the recent past. The internet is a writer’s best friend! I have several friends and neighbors who are accomplished best selling authors and are all learning to beat their own drums so to speak. Susan Wiggs has branched out and embraced the web and all it has to offer. She runs her own blog and posts gorgeous photos of our neighborhood on her author site as well.
    Others act almost frightened of the prospect and are just venturing into the blog waters with tentative toes.
    Many of the non-fiction authors I work with are avid entrepreneurs and are all over what the web has to offer. Your comments are so appropriate and so appreciated!

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