Blogging – The Value of Branding in an Online Community

Blogging is branding. Branding allows your audience to see your expertise through your own unique blogging personality. It also shows your business’ uniqueness in the market place and clearly demonstrates how you are different from your competitors. The value of blogging:

·         Builds a sense of community

·         Positions you or your company as informed about the community and their unique needs or perspective

·         Provides a great platform for introducing new ideas or material

·         Gets your name and contact information out there in yet another visible location

·         Provides a forum to present all that great content you had to cut from your book 

When customers become familiar and comfortable with a particular brand they gravitate toward it when in need of that good or service. By creating this helpful community in your blog, your company and your name become known for its value. People buy from those whom they know, recognize, and make an emotional connection.

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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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3 Responses to Blogging – The Value of Branding in an Online Community

  1. Dean Calvert says:

    Good info. and read. Will be back soon to read more of your information.

  2. Blogging as a form of branding I think that’s a unique idea. I’ve been a branding consultant and creative with my own business since 1994, and I’ve been blogging for three years in various venues. Your pronouncement intregued me so much I took the liberty to publish your blog about blogging being branding on my site at, with a link to your blog, of course. I’ too, will frequent your site often. Thanks for the fresh insight, Martin

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