Why Authors Should Write Articles for Article Directories

Niche marketing is the current catch phrase for audience building.  Why do you want to submit articles to article directories about your niche (your book)? The simple answer is to create back links to your book sales sites or to your author promotion page.

Article writing is a great way to promote your site and your book in a most cost effective way.  Sharing your knowledge and your expertise makes you recognized and trusted by new and ever growing audiences. If readers are impressed with what you have to say they will follow your backlinks to your site and join your community.

Not only does article writing increase your audience it also pushes you up in search engine rankings. Through careful research and consideration you can find directories that are appropriate for your writing and that mesh well with your needs. Avoid the “get rich quick” sites and the one that do not require author registration or provide no readership/viewing metrics.

A well written article will keep your readers coming back for more. Provide them with material that they will want to read and then share with others. You want your readers to feel so good about what you are doing that they recommend your site to others.  As more people begin to know you and you become a recognized author in the field you will gain their trust and their buying dollars.  Article submissions are a great author marketing tool for book promotion.


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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3 Responses to Why Authors Should Write Articles for Article Directories

  1. Great article, Writing Mentor.

    Another tip is to have several bios on hand to use with different types of articles targeted to specific market niches.

    Happy Writing!

  2. mdouble says:

    I am an author and am currently publishing on a number of different article directories. I’ve found this to be an excellent and very cost effective method of self promotion. It does take some time and persistance but in the long run a good article can take on a life of its own and keep working for you long after it has been posted.

  3. Dis website is Great!
    I will recommend you to all my friends.
    Thank you.

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