Book Reviews – Can Self-Published Authors Get Them?

Can self-published authors get reviewers to seriously consider their work like their traditionally published author cousins? Getting a book reviewed is an important step for marketing your book, especially for a first time author.

Getting a book reviewed is not as difficult as it might seem if you are creative in how you approach the project. There are some reviewers who will never accept an unsolicited or self-published book to review. Big fat hairy deal! Remember, Chicken Soup for the Soul was once a self-published book that is now multi-million dollar best seller. If you are diligent in your search you will find there are many non-traditional reviewers out there just waiting for a copy of your book.

One of the easiest ways to find who is doing reviews is to go out and conduct an internet research on your genre and book reviewers. For example, if you are a romance writer whose latest book is historically based consider research parameters like: “book reviews” and “historical romance”. It make take a few tries to get the correct combination but you should be able to locate a credible reviewer who would love to read your book.

Keep an open mind and an open eye for potential reviewers. Book reviews are an incredibly visible passive marketing tool that is inexpensive (cost of a book and postage) and often pays off with high sales dividends. 


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3 Responses to Book Reviews – Can Self-Published Authors Get Them?

  1. In the “old days” reviewers were employed by newspapers, magazine and other print media. They were the gate keepers and controlled all the keys.

    Today, “amateur” reviewers are scattered across the web. You’ll find many of them on Amazon. They are avid readers who enjoy sharing their opinions on books. Many are THRILLED to feed their reading addiction “for free”. Many reviewers there have built up sizable audiences.

    Another place to look… the social networking site Good Reads. (

    Thanks for pointing out that the Chicken Soup series started out as a self-published book.

  2. Mary Lewis says:

    Another way to get your book reviewed is to look for bloggers who review books. It’s a fantastic way to get your book noticed!

  3. Charlie says:

    Interesting topic and post 🙂

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