Integrated Marketing Strategies – Building and Maintaining Brand Awareness

What are you trying to accomplish in your marketing methods? Do you really have a strategy in place or at least a cohesive outline? In order to have a strategy you have to have a good idea of your marketing goals. Is it to bring in “lookie lou’s” or to capture email addresses to add to your database or is it to get product sold? If you aren’t sure what you are trying to accomplish then you will more than likely accomplish nothing.

To improve the effectiveness of your integrated online marketing campaign you must be clear on what you are trying to achieve. Don’t get caught up in the siren song of statistics. Measurements without a clear objective are just numbers that reveal nothing. Some things in your plan will work and some things won’t but you cannot know what did or did not work if you are not crystal clear on your target.

The key to marketing success is learning what people are looking for and where they are looking. The internet has become ubiquitous in our world. A smart marketer will build a keyword-rich webpages and websites based on those words.

The future of information marketing is in the social networks that are popping up all over the internet. Facebook, Biznik, and other networks are growing in popularity. Engaging prospects and customers on social sites has now become a critical part of a focused marketing plan.

There are many methods for marketing online but applying integrated marketing techniques is a matter of testing and seeing what works for you. Trial and error is not a bad thing in marketing. Think about what you have used in the past and if it was successful or not. What would you do differently now as a result of “lessons learned”? The biggest thing is not to choose whether you want to be a man or a mouse. The biggest lesson to take away is that you want to develop a real taste for the cheese!


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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