Integrated Marketing Strategies Pt 3 – Building and Maintaining Brand Awareness

Public relations is a marketing and management tool that attempts to promote a company’s image, product or service and to counteract negative publicity on occasion. To do this public relations use news releases, feature stories, newsletters, to reach different media and audiences. Public relations is do is targeted at establishing goodwill and warm fuzzies. It is a valuable tool for reaching a broad audience cheaply with your message.

Successful public relations campaigns:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Provide valuable pertinent information from an expert source

Brand marketing done effectively implements a clear, consistent message. People often purchase an item based on the perception that the product or service will be the same each time. A simple effective message that comes through loud and clear through its delivery is incredibly effective. Think of Nike’s latest branding message of “Just do it!” Short but effective, we know exactly what they mean.

So how do you plan to integrate your brand image into a message that conveys itself both on line and in print? Once internet brand marketing was nothing more than a website that you hope through random luck someone visited. In today’s internet world there are a variety of marketing methods you can use to market your business and develop your brand on online.


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