Raise Your SEO Presence with Google Local Search

Have you ever wondered how a local business got to be first in Google Local Search when you click on maps? Is it by address? Nope! Or maybe it is alphabetical? Nope!  It is based on keywords! 

Let’s say you are a dog groomer and your business is  Pretty Paws. No keywords in your business name…so how will people find you if they don’t know your business’ name? What if they were looking for a groomer on the net, would your name show up first? Top three? Probably not!  Google map search ranks sites based on keywords. It takes less than five minutes to do and is worth the effort to get your business listed based on YOUR keywords on their maps! 

Go to local search and take those five minutes to enter your business using your key words. If you were Pretty Paws your keywords might be: groomer, dog groomers, dogs, dog grooming, etc.  Follow these keywords with your town’s name…Dog groomer + Puppytown + WA

After you spend your five minutes, Google sends you an automated email with a pin number. They then call you, you enter your pin number and that is that for confirmation.  Within 24 hours your listing appears. Then you check to see if you selected the best keywords based on how you rank on the maps search. 

Isn’t that easy? Let me know about your experience!  Matter of fact, perhaps you should google yourself on maps using your keywords BEFORE you try this and then AFTER and see how it changes your rank on the Maps page for your community!


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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