Promoting Yourself on Facebook – Using Groups

Facebook is an incredibly powerful social networking service. Its interface and framework allow a single person to spread news virally through their social bookmarking service. Communities of friends in the Facebook Group apps are growing in popularity.  

As an author you should create Facebook Groups to further promote “brand” presence, promote news/events, share links,  and conduct discussions all in one spot to generate more excitement and build your audience. More than a fan site, Facebook Groups allows you to interact with your audience on a level that is comfortable and easy to maintain.

Unlike a blog, Groups is easier to maintain and keep fresh. You can assign mulitple administrators to help facilitate content growth. Now go out there and select a title, category and description that is relevant to your brand and start directing your existing friends to join your group. Then kick it into high gear, hang on tight, start adding content that stimulates interaction, and watch your group grow!


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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One Response to Promoting Yourself on Facebook – Using Groups

  1. 😛 it was facebook fan pages are better then facebook groups.. 😀

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