Writing Contest – Edge Publishing Awards


The EDGE Awards are focused solely on independently published business books and ebooks. Winner, Finalists, and Honorable Mentions appear for an entire year at www.publishpass.com. Winners will also be featured and highlighted prominently in our monthly newsletter. Awards are a great tool for all those involved. Awards influence reviewers, buyers, decision makers and future clients. The gold seal prominently placed on the book cover often captures the buyer’s attention and leads to higher sales. Enter now at: http://www.publishpass.com

Enter Professional Advancement Seminars and Services PASS book awards competition and earn credibility and publicity for your books!

Entry deadline August 15, 2009
$75 per title per category until March 15, 2008 $80 per category March 16 until May 15, 2009
$85 per category May 16 until August 15, 2009


·         2009 PASS BUSINESS BOOK EDGE AWARDS – “Printing Your Passion” –www.publishpass.com

·         In today’s financial chaos, business people need new, stimulating ideas that trigger their own entrepreneurial success. Enter and compete with the best independently published business books of the year.

·         Entry fees are based on a per-title, per-category basis. Take advantage of the early discounted entry fees:

$75 per title per category until March 15, 2008

$80 per category March 16 until May 15, 2009
$85 per category May 16 until August 15, 2009


Award Categories

1. General Business/ Economics
2. Career (job search, career advancement)
3. Sales (sales skills, negotiating, closing)
4. Leadership
5. Communication Skills/Networking
6. Business Ethics
7. Operations Management/Productivity/TQM
8. Human Resources/Employee Training
9. Entrepreneurship
10. Philanthropy/Charity/Nonprofit
11. International Business/Globalization
12. Personal Finance
 (estate planning, debt management)
13. Investing (stocks, bonds, hedge funds, options, futures)
14. Retirement Planning
15. Coaching/Mentoring
16. Success/Motivation
17. Advertising/Marketing/PR/Event Planning
18. Corporate History/Milestone
19. Real Estate
 (buying, investing, management)
20. Business Reference (legal, how-to, technology)
21. Memoir/Biography
22. Business Fable




About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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  1. Allen Taylor says:

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

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