Publishing Award – FAQ

Who Enters the EDGE Publish PASS Awards?

 All independent author/publishers of business books are eligible.

 Are Awards Programs Worth the Money and Effort?

It takes time and money to enter award programs but the potential financial and professional rewards can really make a difference in your books success as a personal professional tool.  Awards not only bring personal satisfaction and prestige to the author but they can ultimately influence buyers. The book can keep on selling and influencing decision makers, thanks in part to that gold seal on the cover.


What sets the EDGE Awards Apart?

Winner Honorable Mentions appear for an entire year at, and are featured prominently in our monthly newsletter and on various other award announcement related websites.


How do I know you got my entry?

You ship the books to us. We highly recommend that you send a trackable package, or include a self-addressed stamped post card to help us confirm receipt of your entry. Please include the online entry receipt with the book.


Do the judges read every book from cover to cover?

 Awards judges are trained to assess a book’s quality, much as a buyer at a bookstore or library determines whether or not to purchase for their patrons. The further a book makes it through the judging process, the more likely it will be read completely.


Please send any other questions to:

Shannon Evans Awards Director and Publish PASS Editor at


About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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