Writer’s Block – What a Pain! Or is it a Pane?

Writer's Block

Stuck, what the heck? I was zooming along and writing great stuff and then BOOM! I ran into a wall. What do you do? How do you get past this blip in the writing map?

Everyone deals with writer’s block differently. Author and Editor Tamara Sellman of Writers Rainbow goes outside and digs in the dirt in her lovely garden or picks up some beads and gets to work on a necklace or bracelet. For some reason this change of creative direction often resolves the problem!  George Shannon, author of Chicken Scratches and a slew of children’s books goes out for a walk, whips up a batch of yummy scones for friends, or takes a short nap. He swears by the nap. Hemingway would go to the local watering hole to engage with the locals and swap tales.  Once he sobered up he apparently was able to muddle through and polish off some of his masterpieces.

I go for a walk with my dogs over hill and dale, go to the local coffee shoppe and down a gallon or two of the savory brew, or clean toilets. It is amazing how a toilet brush gives me such inspiration. Writer’s block is really just a matter of needing fresh perspective. Take a break. Look outside and see the world and gain a few new experiences, make some new observations, and then be realistic about the issue at hand:

  • Are you just tired and need a break? Is this just writer fatigue?
  • Is your character, plot, scene really working and maybe you are not blocked but really internally editing?
  • Do you need to refocus, reframe, and recharge your creative batteries with new perspective?

Use your block as a window pane. This may just be an opportunity to do some character introspection, plot pulling, and weeding all at the same time!


About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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