Writer’s Platform – What the Heck is that?

Every writer needs a platform…but half the writers out there are not aware of what a platform really is. It is a powerful audience creation and author marketing tool. Essentially a writer’s platform is his or her strengths and passions and the networks used to communicate them. Ok…in simpler terms where you hang out and talk about stuff you think is important.  You know, the classes you teach, the blog you maintain,  the Facebook pages and LinkedIn Groups you host, and the myriad of other places where you sit and chew the fat with other enthusiasts. Let’s say you are an editor for authors, you are writing a book about platform development for writers, you manage and contribute to a Facebook fan page called Aspiring Writers with 5000+ members, you contribute and belong to Nonfiction and Fiction Writer’s group on LinkedIn, you have 6000 followers on your Twitter account @write4life, and you have an active blog with an RSS feed that has 1340 backlinks, etc. That would be a platform of sorts for such a book.

Now if you don’t have a platform or if you have a platform that is more off-line that is okay too. Maybe you have a weekly column related to your book that is nationally syndicated, or perhaps you write feature articles for specialty or national papers and magazines. Then you have the rudiments of a platform. The point is that you need to get your writing and your passion out there and in print building a name for yourself. The time to build your platform is before you publish. Get out there, start writing, and have your say! A writer’s platform is a “living” resource that must be nurtured and fed constantly.


About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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