Dealing with Negative Press: Stinging Slap of Criticism – or – Everyone Has an Opinion

Negativity, I am an author and a parent and have dealt with my share of it. I too sat through the boring meetings of the PTO where debate droned on and on over the merits of Hi C versus those of Hawaiian punch. You sit there thinking, “Who cares? It’s all sugar infused bug juice for the masses of thirsty little devils after recess.” Then the uber-classroom-helper mom and the anti-bacterial anti-milk mom go to battle over this nothingness  and take the discussion all out of context. It can get ugly in those meetings. I have come away worried my car would be keyed by some over zealous parent who did not like my point of view. Why do we waste time over such pablum? Does it really matter which version of punch you serve in the big scheme of things?

Critical reviews of your work can be seen in much the same light. Some will like you and be your biggest fans. Some won’t. Simple? Maybe but until someone rips your work (or your blog post or your about you page) apart and you get the review sent to you by the well intended (I hope) author you have no clue how personal it can get. If you write you will get criticism. Some of it will be useful, some of it delivered with a positive effective tone, some of it will be a stinging slap. Just remember, consider the source. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but no one is entitled to be rude and disrespectful.

So if you get a stinging slap…go blog about it! Just be ultra polite and show them you DO know that well…some opinions are like…ok I won’t go there. Really. I won’t. Instead I will go eat a bag of powdered donuts and wash it down with Hi C or is it Hawaiian Punch? Oh hell! I have completely forgotten which one had more “real” sugar in it? Maybe I will test them both and write a review of them later because we know that is the stuff in life that really matters!


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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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