What To Do With Constructive Criticism

When you get feedback about your writing, share it with your trusted mentor or “inner circle” of fellow writers. Is the criticism or elements of it valid? Can you use it to help improve your work or website? This feedback can give you more insight on how to increase coverage of a subject by adjusting the quality, content, and relevance of your material. Use this information to help improve your work.

What are the Characteristics of Good Constructive Feedback?

Good constructive feedback is

  • respectful
  • clear
  • specific
  • objective
  • supportive
  • motivating
  • solution-oriented

What is Destructive Feedback?

Destructive feedback is

  • malicious
  • personal
  • judgmental
  • subjective

You have to hope for constructive feedback that you can use to guide changes. Helpful feedback can give you the nudge to create new content that really zings. If what you get is highly personal and really negative take it with a grain of salt. Consider the source, shrug it off, and take any kernels of good feedback (if there is anything worth salvaging), and then file the rest in the Hogwash file. Keep pushing. Keep writing. The journey is worth the blisters you get along the way.


About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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