Galileo, Yard Art and Author Platforms

I recently went on a chicken coop tour hosted on our island by the local feed store. Now if

Author Platform Mosaic

Mosaic Chicken Coop

you are familiar with our island then you will totally get it when I tell you one of the coops had Pella windows and doors, most had curtains, and one coop was a mosaic artist’s master piece. I think the winner of the day for me was the gentleman farmer-sometime cardiologist manse and traditional coop. Across from the coop with requisite 38+ setting hens and cackleberries in the nesting boxes was the galvanized Galileo. A 5 foot rooster in plume who guarded the hen house and driveway beneath a lovely old oak tree.

Author Platform Bainbridge Island

Galileo in Yard Art

How the heck did a great piece of yard art get named for a famed astronomer who was executed by the Church for heresy (the whole earth revolved around the sun thing got him!) and then had his body parts chopped up and scattered around in mysterious places. Ironically, I recently read that they found a few of his fingers and other parts as well. Glad he wasn’t found in sausage casing with Nostradamus’ lips and …

Back to Cackleberry Farm and the tin art Galileo, how the heck did a noted astronomer, cutting edge theorist get memorialized in yard art? Not sure but either someone thought it was a cool name or they were a backyard astronomer by night and metal artist by day. Authors without platforms are kind of like Galileo the dead dismembered scientist and the rusty rooster: scattered, barely known, vaguely remembered for their work, and tucked away in some obscure place.

Tour de Coop Bainbridge Island

Galileo in Profile

Authors today can’t afford to be scattered and randomly found in pieces and parts down a narrow lane. Authors have to create a real presence and put themselves out there  on the web. Get a website or a blog, open up Facebook and create an author’s page, talk and be seen. Otherwise you will only be found in relics on sale racks for second hand out of print books and quite frankly, there are no royalties to be had there! Don’t just be a piece of yard art. Make your presence known.


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