Article Submission Tools for Article Marketing

Article Submitter– This tool automates the article submission process allowing you to quickly complete what can be a fairly long task. It also has a very nice video instruction library.

Content Rewriter– This is a cool tool that lets you take an article (or any content) and have it slightly rewritten. This makes it easier to submit to larger numbers of article directories without having issues with duplicate content.

SEO Elite– This is the program I use to submit articles. While costing more than Article Submitter Pro it really does a lot more. It will also help with link submissions and analyzing your competition. This is a great tool! Also consider purchasing Keyword Elite along with it. It’s the best one two punch for maintaining and creating web sites for profit.

Article Directories– Some good directories are:

Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Free Ezine Site, Article City and Article Alley.

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I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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  1. prorch says:

    DaringSearch is a website where you can write and publish anything for free.There are no membership charge.Its free

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