A New Way to Meet, Be Rude, and Really Annoy People

Social media is no longer just a way to meet new friends and to stay in touch with old ones. It is a way to create real relationships, conduct real conversations and work for the common good of the community at large. Keep in mind that every entry in social media is a digital signature of you. It is a permanent reflection of you or your brand/business.

“In the future, everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes.” ~ Anonymous

Be savvy and smart when online. It is imperative that you set and maintain clear boundaries of professionalism on social sites. So many users online just don’t get it. They create conversational traffic jams because they don’t understand the rules of social engagement. They abuse the social tools and then throw their hands up in dismay when their accounts get shut down, get chastised by their community, or are unsuccessful as a business.

Here are a few simple rules to live in social media communities:

  • Avoid racial comments.
  • Avoid critical comments, ranting and raving.
  • Avoid abusive language.
  • Avoid foul language and inappropriate jokes.

Play nice with others and they will play nice with you. Don’t be annoying or belligerent. Just keep in mind that social media is all about building relationships. Be transparent and build real relationships based on giving and trust.

About mywritingmentor

I am an editor, book coach, and freelance writer.
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