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NaNoWriMo – Is it Impossible to WRIte a NOvel in a MOnth?

Nanowrimo is an international writing effort by authors united with one purpose: individually write and submit a 50,000 word+ novel draft beginning on 1 November and submitting by end of day 30 November. Continue reading

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Writing a Book – Formulating a Strategy to Write a Market Ready Best Seller

How do you know that the book you want to write has a market? Do you plan to just write and see what happens? Some books were made to be written to satisfy our souls, others are written to be … Continue reading

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Plagiarism…The Complicated Path to Writing

Many people plagiarize the work of others out of ignorance of the process of appropriate citation and attribution.  This is totally unintentional with no attempt at cheating or deception.   They forget to write down the source, forget the quotation marks, … Continue reading

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Creating Time to Write

Making time to write is really difficult in our intrusive modern world. The siren song of email beckons us to respond to its ‘in your face’ immediacy. Blackberries chirp and ding in public places like a chorus of obnoxious magpies … Continue reading

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Writing the Introduction – How to Hook Your Audience and Keep them Reading

Can you write and opening that hooks the reader and keep them coming back for more? Sure you can! Make your opening an introduction that hooks the reader with the content and makes then want to stay. Begin with a … Continue reading

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Writing for Your Audience

Have you ever read an introduction or summary of a book or article and wondered, what the heck did the author just say? There is plenty of bad writing out there. There is even a Best of Bad Writing contest … Continue reading

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Book Cover Design For Non-Fiction Books

Front Cover – Go out and explore your local book store. Look at book covers that draw you to them. Why are they so effective? Where is the title on the book? Is it centered or off-set? Are the letters … Continue reading

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