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Blogs – Publish or Perish

Publicizing your blog is not as hard as you might think. Compelling content is not enough to create a dedicated large following. It takes a little work and exposure on other sites and blogs to build your readership.  You can … Continue reading

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Keyword Use and Search Engine Optimization

Blogging and article writing for the web have two things in common: Must be keyword rich comment without appearing to be “stuffed” Content must be compelling enough that readers come back again and again How do you know when you … Continue reading

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Sticky Secrets of Blog Headlines and Blog Titles

Blog titles, blog headlines, and blog sub-headlines need to be “sticky” for SEO spiders to crawl in and out of your work and catalog the content. Becoming a master of stickiness is much like become a master of yoga…you better be ready to put in the … Continue reading

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