Using Squidoo as a Part of Your Author Platform

Squidoo and Author PlatformSquidoo is an informational user generated site where web pages are kept in a ‘collection’ of ‘lens’ that are accessible. Squidoo lens are a great way to build your presence online and focus on your latest book or class. Anyone can create a page on Squidoo in less than five minutes; however, to do it in a way that drives traffic back to your author website and builds back links that add to your presence will take a more concentrated effort.

Getting traffic from Squidoo back to your blog or website is not that difficult if you use good keywords in the lens’ content and the title tags that are relevant to content on your blog or website.  Squidoo lens are searchable and therefore are incredibly valuable for driving traffic back to a site if you include the all important link.

To build links with Squidoo to increase your presence onlinebegin with the anchor text in the link. Carefully consider where will be the link point, where it will reside on the page, and the keyword rich content that surrounds the link.  Implement deep linking on your lens as well. Link to your internal pages to promote your site so it is obvious to search engines. This not only increases your sites visibility on the web it increases the rankings of additional pages on your website. The beauty of a Squidoo lens is that you can create dofollow high quality keyword related links that will ultimately help your site achieve a higher PageRank.

The hour or two it takes to create a highly optimized Squidoo lens is well worth the effort. Build a few lenses and see what it can do for driving more traffic to your website and blog. Link building is never time wasted. It is just one more element that sets your author platform apart from the others out there who are also trying to create an audience and market their book.


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