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NaNoWriMo – Is it Impossible to WRIte a NOvel in a MOnth?

Nanowrimo is an international writing effort by authors united with one purpose: individually write and submit a 50,000 word+ novel draft beginning on 1 November and submitting by end of day 30 November. Continue reading

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Author Platform Building – Optimizing Your Facebook Author Page

You can do a lot to maximize your author platform exposure to search engines through your Facebook page. Continue reading

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How to Make your Blog Visible – Platform Building

You have a blog and now you wonder if anyone will read it? Here are a few tips of things you can do that will help your blog be visible to your audience: Continue reading

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Get a Blog and Hang out with All the Cool Kids – Or – How to Build a Relevant Author Platform

Word of mouth marketing is critical to building a web presence that results in a powerful author platform. Continue reading

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Blogs – Publish or Perish

Publicizing your blog is not as hard as you might think. Compelling content is not enough to create a dedicated large following. It takes a little work and exposure on other sites and blogs to build your readership.  You can … Continue reading

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Book Cover Design For Non-Fiction Books

Front Cover – Go out and explore your local book store. Look at book covers that draw you to them. Why are they so effective? Where is the title on the book? Is it centered or off-set? Are the letters … Continue reading

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What Not to Do With Keywords

Keyword rich articles, web pages, and blogs are critical if you want to keep SEO spiders fed. Keywords are what anchor searches to your entries on the web. They are also want vendors who are looking for ad space want … Continue reading

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